Barbara Boxer Exposed as 'Racial'

See also: Why Democrats Win, Why Republicans Lose, by George JoyceSpread the video you are about to see far and wide.  It contains an honest, gut level outburst from an indignant black man who has obviously reached the limit of his patience with liberal white condescension.  Harry Alford, representing the National Black Chamber of Commerce lashed out at Senator Barbara Boxer during a meeting with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.  Alter was challenging Boxer’s position on climate change legislation – specifically, Boxer’s contention that green jobs were being created in California.  Alter responded by telling Boxer:“The last time I checked California is an economic basket case and these green jobs aren’t going to solve it.”Well, that’s when the fireworks began.  After citing a PEW study on climate change, Boxer decided to patronize Alter by citing “resolutions” and statements –...(Read Full Post)