A Green Light to Invade Israel?

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the Obama administration is supporting the implementation of a United Nations doctrine that would approve military action in order to prevent genocide. While not legally required to act, the countries supporting the doctrine (including the U.S., China, and Russia) have all expressed the political will to act in the case of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, or crimes against humanity.While sounding well intentioned, I fear that the Obama administration and every Israel-hating member of the United Nations will use this doctrine as a weapon against Israel. Prior to Obama’s election, many concerned about his stance on matters relating to Israel looked to an interview given by his chief foreign policy adviser at the time, Samantha Power, in which she stated that a military invasion of Israel may be necessary in order to create a Palestinian state and prevent genocide. Ms. Power, who is now the director of multilateral affairs at...(Read Full Post)