You Might Be a Misogynist don't want Letterman fired.

There are not many mere words which will cause my normally quietly-simmering, red blood to boil over, but the things David Letterman has said on his show regarding a 14 year-old girl, and his ensuing non-apologies are in this league.  That he now claims the remarks were aimed at Bristol Palin, a few years older than the younger sister, Willow, who was in New York with her mother, when he joked about her "being knocked up by Rodriguez" in the 7th inning, is a ridiculous ruse aimed at covering his own scrawny backside.

David Letterman should lose his public forum immediately, as he has proven unworthy of it in all respects.  He hasn't even enough decency to know what a vile, unforgivable thing he has done.

I am firmly convinced that the perpetrators of sexual abuse and rape, of both girls and women (and boys), are intrinsically deformed in their very souls.  Sexual abuse is the most primitive and the most absolute of personal violations, from which many females never fully recover.  In fact, psychiatrists have deemed sexual abuse to be "soul murder," and say that it is the most psychologically harmful among the entire spectrum of abuse scenarios.  Exactly why this is so remains a scientific mystery.  But whatever the cause, civilized people have known for many centuries that misogyny that is acted out on the body of a girl or woman is a supreme violation of all that is good. 

So, for David Letterman to even think in his private thoughts of making a 14 year-old girl the object of his wicked rape fantasy is purely beyond the pale.  For him to actually speak aloud the picture-perfect words to that effect is ground for his being shunned from all polite company.  For him to go to the extent of saying this on the national air waves, the most public of all public forums, is grounds for immediate dismissal, in my opinion.

Letterman has made himself a verbal "flasher," sinking to the lowest of the low.  He is now lower than a rodent in the trashiest gutter and ought to be treated as such.  He does not even deserve to call himself a man.

No genuine respecter of women could think otherwise, in my opinion.