Prominent Rabbi Blasts Obama

Claiming that “some Jews may be naïve, but we are not stupid” former Navy and Marine Corps officer and Chaplain Rabbi Dr. Morton Pomerantz has blasted Barack Obama for “creating a climate of hate” against Jews.  In a breaking story, Pomerantz delivers a blistering assault on president Obama’s troubling and dangerous game of moral equivalency:

“Obama’s clever construct comparing the mass genocide of six million Jews to the Palestinian struggle will not be lost on the estimated 100 million Muslims who tuned in to hear him [in Cairo].  Perhaps it was not lost on James W. von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist identified as the alleged attacker Wednesday at the Holocaust Museum.  He apparently felt that he could easily take retribution against the Jews for the atrocities Obama implies they are guilty of.”

Pomerantz goes on to level a series of jaw dropping charges against Barack Obama’s understanding of Middle East history, Islam, foreign policy, and most importantly, truth.

For a short, heart pumping history lesson from a powerful and articulate advocate of objective reality read Pomerantz’s essay.  It’s the start of what will surely become a more vocal and justifiably passionate response to Professor Obama’s demonstrated ignorance outside the classroom.  For Pomerantz, “a lasting peace cannot be created out of lies, distortions, and half truths.”  

When a nation’s higher education establishment no longer respects objectivity or truth, its citizens should probably avoid electing a law professor president.