White House may authorize indefinite detentions of terror suspects

Congress is actually giving Obama very little choice. They refuse to fund the closing of Gitmo while dithering about transferring the terrorists to American prisons.It is almost at the point where Obama's promise - made with much fanfare one day after taking office - to close Gitmo by year's end may not be possible.It's not that the Obama administration sees the wisdom of holding the dangerous inmates currently residing at Gitmo indefinitely. It's that they have little choice if Congress won't cooperate.Dafna Linzer and Peter Finn of the Washington Post have the story: After months of internal debate over how to close the military facility in Cuba, White House officials are increasingly worried that reaching quick agreement with Congress on a new detention system may be impossible. Several officials said there is concern in the White House that the administration may not be able to close the prison by the president's January deadline. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said that there...(Read Full Post)