UAW begs for tax relief - for their golf course

I believe the biggest change in Washington with Democrats in power has to be the way that unions are systematically being enriched at the taxpayer's expense. It has now gone beyond rewarding organized labor for their massive, unprecedented help electing Obama and the Democratic majority as much of the stim bill sought to do. Now it is simply a matter of filling union coffers with taxpayer cash. Soon, it will be changing the law to make it much easier for unions to organize non-union shops.Then, the New Left's dream of a Government-Union coalition to run the American economy will be complete. Long ago, leftists recognized the potential of this symbiosis and it appears that after decades of patient effort, they are about to succeed.In the meantime, about all we can do is sit back and fume as stuff like this happens:When it comes to the GM and Chrysler bailouts, U.S. taxpayers merely suspect they're really being asked to dig into their pockets to rescue the United Auto Workers union....(Read Full Post)