Somalia religious courts idea of 'justice'

In an interesting twist on Islam and death by stoning, the news site News24:Africa reports      of a case where the Somali militia stoned a man to death after an Islamic religious court found him guilty of raping and murdering an 18 year old girl.    "This man was accused of raping and killing an 18-year-old girl in May this year. The court found him guilty of the charges brought against him," Sheikh Mohamed Saleban, a local Shebab official, told AFP."He was a married man, which is why the court sentenced him to be stoned to death," he added, explaining that a rape conviction only incurs flogging. (snip) "Ten masked men from the Shebab forces stoned him to death in front of everyone. They had dug a hole, buried him to his neck before throwing stones at him," he said. 1,000 people observed the execution.  In other incidentsOn Thursday, Shebab forces in Mogadishu publicly amputated the right hand and left...(Read Full Post)