Once Again, No Evacuation Plan for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Living proof of Brendan Behan's quip that in the age of American idolized celebrity,"There is no such thing as bad publicity except for your own obituary", the voluble Ray Nagin and his wife remain holed-up in quarantine  at the Jinjiang Hotel in Shanghai.  It seems a French student seated a few rows from the Mayor and his wife, Seletha, was diagnosed with the A-H1N1 (swine flu) virus upon landing in the Chinese metropolis.Nagin came to national prominence in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, calling out President Bush and FEMA for their tardy response to the natural disaster.  Many would argue that it was the Nagin administration's failure to implement an adequate evacuation policy prior to the storm that magnified the scope of the disaster. In particular, Nagin's failure to take advantage of 100's of idle city school buses to assist in the evacuation of those unable to get out of the path of the storm earned him the sobriquet "School Bus Nagin"...(Read Full Post)