Obama is president, not emperor

In case you didn't understand the results of the November, 2008 U.S. presidential election, President Barack Obama (D) won. And while over 45% of the US electorate might be unhappy about that no one really disputes it. So why does he and his Press Secretary have to emphasize that he won when questioned about his policies? After all, he's the president, not an emperor. And that means he governs from the executive branch and works with the legislative branch. It is not solely Obama.

But he seems to think so. His previously noted penchant for saying I when speaking of U.S. policy, noted a few weeks ago, continues.

When asked if criticism from Republican senators such as John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) that his reaction to the riots in Iran was weak and timid spurred his strong response against the country today he responded, according to Mark Silva of the Chicago Tribune

"I think John McCain has genuine passion about many of these international issues and, you know, I think that all of us share a belief that we want justice to prevail,'' Obama said. "But only I'm the president of the United States. And I've got responsibilities in making certain that we are continually advancing our national security interests, and that we are not used as a tool to be exploited by other countries.''

So apparently, according to Obama, McCain, Lindsey and other members of Congress are merely what? Chopped liver, with no responsibilities, no concerns about the U.S. national security interests and thus have no input into His Messiahship, Obama the One's decisions?

The senators' concerns were legitimate. Without looking at a teleprompter Obama could have answered, expanding on why he chose to use stronger language regarding Iran than previously. And certainly McCain, Lindsey and others, duly elected representatives of the people, also have responsibilities regarding this nation's security and have the right to voice their opinions about it.