Diversity is as diversity does

James A. Barnes of the National Journal reports on"Obama's Team: The Face of Diversity:"
When Bush holdovers are excluded, white men make up just under half of the people filling senior posts in Obama's administration.
Diversity is as diversity does.  Or something.   While white men--and women--may all look alike according to some, this study does not really examine the ethnicity of the white people in President Barack Obama's (D) administration; ethnic and racial differences are Black, Hispanic, Asia and other.  (Perhaps other is Martian.)  
Random other diversities in Obama's administration: 
Compared with George W. Bush's starting lineup, Obama's team is heavier on Harvard degrees and lighter on Christians and Southerners;

35% have law degrees;

12% served in the military;

More than 40 percent of Obama's early appointments and nominations can claim some link to Bill Clinton, who entered the White House vowing that his administration would "look like America." The extent of the Obama administration's ties to the past is not surprising, given the opportunities that Clinton's two terms gave Democrats to develop their talent pool.

more than one-third, 37 percent, boast an undergraduate or graduate degree from an Ivy League school. Twelve percent are "double Ivy," holding undergraduate and graduate degrees from elite schools.

Few of his key people can point to significant business experience.

Diversity of opinions within the Obama administration?  The study didn't study that. 
hat tip: ABC News