NY Times Editor: Critics 'weird'

Was New York Times editor Bill Keller referring to my American Thinker column when he called critics of his personal involvement in Iranian election coverage, "weird?"In an email to Editor and Publisher Keller complained that he's received "a few bizarre vibes from people outside the NYT who are puzzled by my presence in Tehran.As one of those critics -- and the first to my knowledge to point out the agenda behind it -- I consider it quite a compliment that Keller, a card-carrying member of the media elite and insulated in an environment bluer than B.B. King, would call me weird. Keller asks in his email to E&P if "editors are supposed to be desk jockeys who never go get a sense of the story," and "when a big, exhausting news breaks visiting editors should hole up in the hotel and let the reporters do all the work?"The answers: No, and No.But if those are the criteria for Keller's personal involvement in this story, then where was he...(Read Full Post)