News Corp's 'Diversity Council'

According to this report by the AP's Jesse Washington, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has established a "diversity council" (sic).

Can you say liberal censorship? Oh, they won't call it censorship of course; only right wingers censor. Try sensitivity. Or outreach. Or avoiding racism. But since this "council" is a response to a political cartoon liberals claim equated President Barack Obama (D) to a chimp, you'd better believe the News Corp will dutifully suppress controversial content sure to offend liberals rather than get them angry.

Portraying President George W. Bush (R) as a dunce? Conservatives as religious fanatics? Hey, that's freedom of the press, enshrined in the Holy Bill of Rights. Eliminating--or even moderating--the left's hatred toward anyone who disagrees with them is paving the way to fascism so the "diversity council" wouldn't touch it. But criticizing His Holiness Obama? Racism!

It must be stopped--and a "diversity council" is just the instrument.