Anne Frank's 80th Birthdady

Forever frozen in time as the sweet faced teenager who penned a diary chronicling typical adolescent angst amidst the terror of hiding with her family from the Nazis, it is difficult to believe that had she lived Anne Frank would have celebrated  her 80th birthday today.

But sadly she didn't live; the family's secret place in the Amsterdam, Holland attic was discovered (who told?) and they were herded off to concentration camps where Anne died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen a few months short of her 15th birthday. And tragically the Shoah (Holocaust) Nazi hate didn't die; 65 years later Stephen Tyrone Johns, the Holocaust Museum guard murdered in Washington DC, became the latest victim.

May their souls plus those of the millions upon millions of other victims be bound up with the righteous for eternal life and may their memories be an eternal blessing.