Economic downside of Waxman-Markey bill

President Obama is urging U.S. lawmakers before their month-long summer vacation on Aug. 3rd to come up with bills on health care reform and global warming.  The 942-page Waxman-Markey energy bill in the House -- known as "The American Clean Energy and Security Act" (H.R. 2454) -- aims to  create new jobs, save Americans hundreds of billions in energy costs, reduce global warming and pollution, and wean the country off imported oil.   If passed it would fail in every way.  Already environmental activists and interest groups are involved in propaganda campaigns to scare people into clamoring for climate legislation to avoid "climate catastrophe."   Not only is my 10th District Congressman Rep. Mark Kirk being pressured through telephone calls to his constituents to support health care reform that includes a government public plan, but Kirk is also the target of TV ads on Fox News urging him...(Read Full Post)