AP to distribute liberal propaganda from non-profits

The media world faces problems that many of us face: shrinking resources and smaller pocketbooks. Now comes news that Associated Press will begin distributing to their media outlets (over 1500 newspapers) investigative work conducted by four nonprofit  groups, one of them being Pro Publica. This is a group formed and funded by Herbert and Marion Sandler: two ultra-wealthy and ultra-liberal activists from California who made their fortune from selling their savings and loan empire to Wachovia Bank. Their company was turbocharged by the "Pick-a-Pay" mortgages promoted by them. They walked away from the Wachovia deal with more than two billion dollars. Also left behind were the ruined future of their customers and billions of dollars of losses that drove Wachovia into the arms of Wells Fargo (the takeover of Wachovia was lubricated with many billions of dollars of taxpayer money). The Sandler's have joined forces with people like George Soros to leverage their wealth for...(Read Full Post)