Sooner or Later the Price will be Paid

Great Britain’s political climate seems to always be just a couple of years ahead of America’s. Debacle after debacle from the Labour Party is finally catching up with it in the polls.The politicians in GB (like those in the US) are spending like drunken sailors -- and not just on “public works” like a vast windmill power system that has run into numerous obstacles.British MPs have been lavishing millions of taxpayers' hard earned £s on personal items (like glittering toilet seats) as well.According to the UK Times the Labour Party has reached a thirty-year low in popularity: A BPIX/Mail on Sunday poll put the Tories on 45 per cent and Labour on 23 per cent. A YouGov/Sunday Times poll put the Tories on 43 per cent and Labour on 27 per cent, down seven points in a month.Much of the polling work for the surveys was carried out before the Daily Telegraph began revealing the details of MPs' expenses claims, and some Labour insiders believe the party...(Read Full Post)