Planet Obama: Where Hitler spoke Austrian and Churchill didn't torture

Obama's knowledge of World War II is laughably simplistic - and I admit to laughing my head off when I heard his comment about Austrian as a language. Europe blushed.  "Austrian? There's no such tongue. No they speak German," I howled. "Hitler spoke German too!"Question: Does Obama, holder of diplomas from  Harvard and Columbia,  think Hitler spoke Austrian too, or does he think Hitler was born in Germany? Think about it liberal Democrats. It gets worse. In more recent times, it appears that Obama is using a radical gay activist's blog to make history talking points too. Or at least he repeats blogger Andrew Sullivan's precious view that the conservative Winston Churchill won World War II without using torture!Granted, Sullivan likes his torture stories a little too much. Here's Heather MacDonald in 2005: Sullivan throws around the terms "torture" and "abuse" so often and indiscriminately that it is impossible to know whether he...(Read Full Post)