Patriotism in the Age of Obama

During the presidential campaign, many citizens (and potential voters) took offense to the fact that candidate Obama refused to wear a US flag pin on his lapel as had become customary for many politicians after 9/11. Upon winning the nomination of the Democratic Party, lo and behold, the pin appeared on Obama’s lapel. This was not surprising since he was now campaigning before the entire electorate and not just the liberal base that cared more about saving the planet from phantom “man-made disasters” than saving the republic from very real “man made disasters." Now that Obama is in the White House, this lack of patriotism, and disdain for the American flag in particular, is being reflected in real life circumstances. A pattern is emerging and it is quite disturbing.Take for example the situation of Dallas resident and disabled veteran, Frank Larison, who is under fire from his homeowner’s association for displaying stickers on his car that...(Read Full Post)