Nancy Pelosi: Elected women are more ethical than elected men

The notion of a morally superior, ecologically progressive Nancy Pelosi is prevalent among liberal feminists. Women are always more nurturing and sharing, they say. They are better than those nasty boys. Here's the dirt on Rep. Pelosi's self-praising speech in 1990 (Ukiah Daily Journal, March 12):   In a festive atmosphere with balloons declaring, "Write women back into history," the women shared music, food and the reflections of several speakers. Rep. Pelosi in her talk foresaw that women will play a major role in achieving world peace and preserving the environment when their numbers are fully represented in the political process.Now Pelosi threw Hillary Clinton under the bus last year, and that's a real shame. Why? Here's why: Pelosi named four areas of public policy where women's political influence is crucial in bringing about change: the national budget; women's reproductive choices; education and health aid to Third World women; and the environment. Women...(Read Full Post)