MSM ramps up anti-military bias

The deaths of five American soldiers in Iraq, shot by a fellow soldier, has caused Greg Mitchell to write a gloating I-told-you-so piece at Editor & Publisher, the popular trade magazine he edits for left-wing newspaper editors and reporters.

Reports of such mayhem in the armed forces, of a lone soldier going berserk, are rare when compared to similar incidents in the civilian population. Yet such incidents invariably bring out the anti-military and anti-war rage found at many MSM outlets. 

Mitchell, in an
article labeled "commentary" that's posted at the very top of E&P's online news page, declares:
Some of us have warned about this kind of thing happening for years, but many in the media have either ignored the brutal and lasting effects of the war on our soldiers and veterans, or paid attention for just a short while and then moving along.
Mitchell's anti-war diatribe comes on the heels of a lengthy piece in Sunday's New York Times about a disabled Vietnam veteran. A draftee in Vietnam, he now teaches at a Miami high school and opposes military recruiters. He claims to have killed women and children in Vietnam.

“I am repulsed by what the uniforms represent,” Miles Woolley tells the Times, noting that he tells his students that "we weren't peacemakers (in Vietnam), we weren't freeing anybody." The Times gobbles it all up.

How odd that this all comes not long after the nation's misty-eyed commander-and-chief told a gathering of military personnel how proud he was of their service.