Edwards' staff and their misguided loyalty

How disgusted was John Edwards' presidential campaign staff when they discovered Edwards planned to continue his campaign despite allegedly having an affair while his wife suffered a return of her cancer?  According to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, this disgusted.

Up until December of 2007, most on Edwards' staff didn't believe rumors about the affair.

But by late December, early January of last year, several people in his inner circle began to think the rumors were true.

Several of them had gotten together and devised a "doomsday" strategy of sorts.

Basically, if it looked like Edwards was going to win the Democratic Party nomination, they were going to sabotage his campaign, several former Edwards' staffers have told me.

They said they were Democrats first, and if it looked like Edwards was going to become the nominee, they were going to bring down the campaign.

Well good for them; they certainly seem to have higher standards than Clinton's staff, the late JFK's staff and frankly candidates of either party where this--and other questionable behavior--is ignored in favor of "the higher good" the preferred candidate supposedly represents.

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