Memo to California: Cannabis is bad for your economy's health

Exactly why a drug linked to mood swings, weight gain and paranoid thinking is popular with angry libertarians and tax-hungry socialists is a mystery.  But at least potheads with glassy eyes have Europe on their side. Or do they? In Holland's Half-Baked Drug Experiment (Foreign Affairs - May/June 1999, p.87), Larry Collins stresses that we need to see Europe for what it is (or isn't): Probably 70 percent of the cannabis now puffed in Holland's 1.500 coffee shops is Nederwiet. The result? "We see more and more people getting into trouble with cannabis," acknowledges Dr. J.A. Wallenberg, the director of the Jellinek Clinic, Holland's best-known drug abuse rehabilitation center. "We have indulged ourselves in a kind of blind optimism in Holland concerning cannabis. [Use of] this stronger THC cannabis has stabilized at too high a level. We see young users with psychological problems who use it as a form of self-medication. It can and does produce a chronically passive...(Read Full Post)