Liberals and O's Afghanistan policy

Obama is following George W. Bush in making war, not love. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan. Bush dropped bombs on those places, and all we heard about was gut-wrenching wailing and screaming from the Left for eight years because of all the innocent people who died. Now O is doing the same thing ... and all we hear are the sounds of silence. Where's Mother Sheehan and her band of flacks? Why aren't they camping in Lafayette Park? Whatever you call it, the O Gang has turned into a huge setback for all sincere peaceniks. So --- why aren't they out there in their noisy hundreds of thousands, marching on Washington, D.C., and demonstrating against war and killing? Why aren't they yelling at Nancy Pelosi and Jay Rockefeller for lying and lying and lying --- for almost eight long years --- about their guilty knowledge of torture? Or ... maybe they are not so sincere after all? Maybe all the deafening screams during the W years were just for show? Maybe our peaceniks hated W more than they loved...(Read Full Post)