Joni Mitchell: the accidental conservative?

If Joni Mitchell is a straight-out leftist, she isn't a very good one. Even Big Yellow Taxi, one of her best-known "left-wing" hits is strikingly polite: "Hey farmer farmer/ Put away that D.D.T. now/Give me spots on my apples/But leave me the birds and the bees/Please!"    I like it when hippies use manners. Well she did use the "p" word. And there's nothing particularly wrong with choosing not to buy D.D.T. apples.  Kind of free-market, I guess; consumer choice, yada, yada. Or am I just a sucker for a Canadian blonde?In 1998, Neil Strauss of The New York Times Magazine analyzed Mitchell's moodiness, saying how some people liken her to a "loose cannon," or a "bitter" woman - and those are just her friends! He observed: Over the course of three days of conversations, Mitchell will compare herself to Mozart, Blake and Picasso; she will say that the lyrics to one of her songs "have a lot of symbolic depth, like...(Read Full Post)