Israel suffers another blow from the Obama administration

The Obama administration has announced reversal of an important policy toward Israel, one that weakens that nation's ability to survive in its hostile neighborhood.The key to Israel's strategy to avoid another Holocaust has been a policy of ambiguity over the question of whether it has nuclear weapons. Like many high-tech and potent weapons, a nuclear arsenal is best left sheathed. The reluctance of Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NNPT) has allowed it to avoid a raft of intrusive inspections that might blow this policy of ambiguity to smithereens. As long as Israel was thought to possess nuclear weapons, enemies might be reluctant to try to destroy Israel. During the 1973 War, it was rumored that the mere threat of Israel resorting to nuclear weapons led to a massive resupply effort by America and to the willingness of Israel's enemies to agree to a truce. Surrounded by numerically superior nations -- and an Arab world that can afford to buy the best weapons from...(Read Full Post)