Israel in peril

The Obama administration seems to want a linkage between progress on the Israeli Palestinian front and any stepped up American pressure on Iran. The way this works, is that if Israel decides it is uncomfortable with US pressure to make concessions to the Palestinians, and refuses to make them, it should not count on American support for dealing with Iran's nuclear program. In short, Rahm Emanuel told Israel and its American supporters at AIPAC: you better behave and play ball. Lovely. I recall the emails I got after Obama named his Cabinet and senior staff, which pointed out all the Jewish names, including Rahm's, and added, "This isn't a government, it's a minyan". How cute. If there is one thing Jews who actually care about Israel should know, it is that being Jewish has little to do with one's support level for Israel. It may be highly correlated however with support for abortion rights, and voting for Democrats. Some Jews not only don't support Israel, they are working...(Read Full Post)