In Obama White House, nepotism is alive and well

Barack Obama's administration is looking more and more like the Chicago Machine all the time. Threatening, bullying, rewarding allies with sweetheart deals, "pay to play" schemes and political hard ball have been on display as the country is waking up to the fact that the way the game is played in the windy city has migrated east to the Potomac.Now another aspect of this symbiosis is coming to light with this story by Jonathan Martin in Politico that points to simple nepotism - another Chicago machine staple - as a means for Obama to reward those prominent Democrats who were early or important supporters by hiring their relations:They're well-known names in Democratic politics - Kerry, Clyburn, Hamilton, Gregoire, Mikva and Emanuel - but have received little attention because they're not taking jobs in the senior-most ranks of the government. They are: • Cameron Kerry, the brother of an early Obama backer, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, who has been tapped as...(Read Full Post)