Explosive allegations in Hariri case; it was Hezb'allah

The case involving the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Harriri took a spectacular turn over the weekend when the German magazine Der Spiegel released the news that the Special Tribunal set up to investigate the assassination (and other political murders in Lebanon) has found smoking gun evidence that connects the Lebanese political party/terrorist group Hezb'allah directly to the murder.The Tribunal will not release the information for fear that it would set off sectarian violence in Lebanon as well as influence the parliamentary elections next month - something the 11 man tribunal does not want to do.If true - and the evidence seems rock solid - it may overturn the appelcart in Lebanon, slow Hezb'allah's drive for control of parliament, and perhaps even drive Hezb'allah's Christian allies in the Free Patriotic Movement away from them.Der Spiegle's Erich Follath has the shocking details:According to the detailed information provided by the SPIEGEL source, the...(Read Full Post)