Another 'catch and release' incident with Somali pirates

Today there is yet another story of a NATO ship, this time from Portugal, catching pirates, now armed with explosives, and releasing them. The reason the officers of the NATO ships are releasing "enemies of humanity" is their concern over being prosecuted for crimes against humanity under the UN  Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), a treaty the United States did not sign. Just as with "Global Warming", our nation had the good sense to reject European groupthink. We are free to act. Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama was absolutely correct when he "cautioned the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday that arming commercial ship crews should only be a part of a broader protection plan against piracy. He said that government protection for ships is his preference as long as everyone knows who is in charge in a crisis."And the United Nations was almost right when it "authorised a `hot pursuit' policy last year that allows navies to...(Read Full Post)