Who is blocking an Israeli Palestinian peace? Israel or Hamas?

Hamas won't even enter a Palestinian government that accepts Israel. 

Dr. Ismail Radwan, a senior political leader of Hamas, stated that Hamas will not deal with or be part of any government which recognizes the occupation, and will not accept the demands of the Quartet.

Radwan added that Hamas will not accept the abandonment of legitimate Palestinian rights, and will not be part of any government which recognizes Israel as a legitimate entity on the historic lands of Palestine.

In a written statement received by the Palestine Information Center on Monday evening, Radwan said that Hamas will never recognize the occupation and will not grant it legitimacy.

How can Israel make peace with a West Bank rump state when 40% of Palestinians live in Gaza, and they keep firing rockets at Israel, even though there is no occupation there, and has not been one for over two years? 

Why is the media and the Administration focus on what Bibi says or Avigdor Lieberman says, but not Hamas? 

And then of course, there are PA spokesmen, like Dahlan who says Fatah never recognized Israel and only talks to it to get concessions. Abbas says you have to discuss things with Israel and make arrangements for governing and administering the territory, and that is as far as he goes.