Hussein's Passover: more sales pizzazz.

Barack Obama is offering a symbolic nod to Jewish supporters while he sells out Israel.

Door-to-door salesmen used to have a trick with stay-at-home moms, to get into their homes and make their sales. They would do their well-rehearsed patter --- Good Morning, Mrs. X, may I call  you Mrs. X? What a fine morning isn't it? -- to establish that magic rapport, smiling and making eye contact, and simultaneously moving closer and closer to the lady standing in the doorway. Humans need to keep several feet of social distance, and as the nice salesman was politely prattling he was constantly encroaching on her personal space, so she had keep moving backward more and more until the con guy was standing in the doorway. She would keep backing up, transfixed by the sales patter, until he had made his way into living room and was well into his sales pitch.

Very effective if you could pull it off. Just keep talkin', keep moving forward, and keep the mark hypnotized with talk.

That's Obama. It's Bernie Madoff and Bill Clinton --- who in a slightly different life would have been a door-to-door scam artist in small-town  Arkansas. It's Robert Preston in The Music Man.  It's Mark Twain's con artists in Tom Sawyer, the Duke and the Dauphin. It's all the pitch artists on TV, and all the used car salesmen, desperate to get rid of that lousy old lemon on the lot.

Barack Hussein Obama is now going to have a photo-op Passover.  Last week he was bowing deep to the Saudi monarch on international TV, and dissing Queen Elisabeth for some obscure reason of his own. The week before he fired Rick Wagoner and issued my-way-or-the-highway orders to big corporate CEOs. Watch your wallet with this guy, because he'll steal you blind while keeping you distracted with his sales patter. Magic acts are just distraction plus sleight of hand. Watch the actions and ignore the words.

More than 70 percent of American Jews voted for Obama, and will no doubt go all goo-goo over the Passover act. More than 90 percent of blacks voted for him, and he just destroyed welfare reform, putting poor blacks back on the self-destructive dependency trail. Two-thirds of the under-30 voters gave Obama his majority, and he just stuck them with trillions of dollars of generational debt; they'll be paying for his power fantasies and so will their kids.

Those are sucker groups. They respond to symbols and ignore substance. They are the big, fat target for his con act. He understands that, and knows he owes them nothing, because if they can be suckered today, they can be suckered again tomorrow.
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