There's 'torture' - and then there's , well, torture

I finally understand why all those "human rights, social justice" liberal lefty types are whining about torture abuses and other gross violations in their favorite countries of hatred--the US and Israel.  You see, they can't read maps and are fuzzy on other cultures, thus confusing Arab countries and practices with those of the US and Israel. A natural mistake. 
To clear this up, a story by Vic Walter, Rehab el-Buri, Angela Hill, and Brian Ross of ABC News  which included a"video tape smuggled out of the United Arab Emirates" on real torture there by a prominent sheikh with convenient links to other torture videos in neighboring countries.
Don't have the stomach to watch the whole thing?  Here is a brief description. 
The tape
 shows a member of the country's royal family mercilessly torturing a man with whips, electric cattle prods and wooden planks with protruding nails.
A man in a UAE police uniform is seen on the tape tying the victim's arms and legs, and later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man's wounds and then drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.


The Sheikh begins by stuffing sand down the man's mouth, as the police officers restrains the victim.

Then he fires bullets from an automatic rifle around him as the man howls incomprehensibly.

At another point on the tape, the Sheikh can be seen telling the cameraman to come closer.

"Get closer. Get closer. Get closer. Let his suffering show," the Sheikh says.

Over the course of the tape, Sheikh Issa acts in an increasingly sadistic manner.

He uses an electric cattle prod against the man's testicles and inserts it in his anus.

At another point, as the man wails in pain, the Sheikh pours lighter fluid on the man's testicles and sets them aflame.

You get the idea.

And what horrible crime against humanity did the victim commit?

The torture victim was identified by Nabulsi as an Afghan grain dealer, Mohammed Shah Poor, who the Sheikh accused of short changing on a grain delivery to his royal ranch on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

Oh, of course.  Now that they're informed of this horrific abuse perhaps the social justice human rights groups will report these violations to the UN, perhaps to the human rights council itself.  After all it is chaired by Libya with Cuba and Syria among its most active members. 

hat tip:  Little Green Footballs