Democratic party partisans'outing' gay Republicans

Imagine being a homosexual who, for whatever reason - family, business, or personal - chooses not to publicly divulge his or her sexuality?

For some, it is a question of politics. And after 8 years of hearing the left say that a person's sexual life is not the business of the public and what someone does when he is not doing the people's business should be his own affair, it takes a lot of sand to suddenly become interested in such matters when they involve a member of the opposite party.

There exists a small homosexual clique that has taken it upon themselves to "out" gay Republicans. These vicious slime merchants inhabit "alternative" media including websites, newspapers, and now, Hollywood. Their stated goal; to expose "hypocrisy" by outing conservative politicians, and even more incredibly, those who work as aides for the lawmaker.

I will let "Andy" of the lefty gay blog Towelroad, give you an inkling of the kind of tactics used as he touts the opening of a film entitled (with exquisite, unintentional irony) "Outrage," that will expose several gay Republicans who have chosen to keep their sexual preference to themselves:

Dick's deft layering of audio tapes, interviews, and sexual confessions against the anti-gay votes these politicians have made reveals how journalists and the mainstream media, which the film ultimately damns for its refusal to expose hypocrisy, have been complicit in keeping public figures in the closet.

And the tragic and horrific effect the closet has had on LGBT rights and public policy is made all the more clear.

I debated whether I should actually link to the site and in the end, decided against it. We are not in the business of outing anyone which would be the practical effect of linking them. Google it if you are curious.

Why commit this heinous crime against privacy? They don't agree politically with the targets of their slimey attacks, that's why. And basically, it comes down to the issue of gay marriage and their notions of "gay rights." Because their targets don't promote their idea of a political agenda, this is "hypocrisy" in their book and must be "exposed" by ruining careers and families.

In other words, despite the fact that their disagreement is political, they have chosen to respond by personally attacking the objects of their rage and in the process, attempting to ruin their lives. 

There is more than one political "agenda" for gays as just about any gay Republican or conservative can tell you. The fact that the pond scum who are outing these Republicans refuse to acknowledge this fact of political life shows them to be nothing more than partisan hacks who, in a gentler age, would have been consigned to the absolute fringes of American politics where even some of the whackos wouldn't have come near them with a ten foot pole.

Now, they make big money and receive the kudos of their ideological soul mates for sticking it to the opposition in the most rank, unjustified, and irrefutably base way imaginable.  

"Outrage" indeed. This kind of thing used to be done by hiring private investigators and handing off the damaging information in some dark alley. No one would dream of openly congratulating themselves for their shocking breach of ethics and common decency.

Now they make films that celebrate their sleazey political gambits.

Everyone knows that politics is a rough game and not for those with weak stomachs or too many skeletons in their closet.

But there used to be lines that just weren't crossed regardless of the provocation. Letting it be known that a candidate's wife was a drunk or a floozy was one such barrier, although what earthly difference it would make to voters was never quite made clear. Regardless, the press was usually pretty good about refereeing the political playing field, coming down hard on anyone that crossed the boundaries of taste and what passes for "fair play" in such a cutthroat world.

Where's the line now?

Hat tip: Ed Lasky