The Gore Effect: Catlin Arctic Expedition Hampered by Cold

The Catlin Expedition, which is trekking to the North Pole to highlight effects of global warming on Arctic sea ice, has had equipment malfunctions due to extremely cold weather.According to the BBC:But when the expedition, the Catlin Arctic Survey, set off in late February, it encountered an unexpected wind chill as low as minus 70 degrees Celsius, and the technology failed.The  What’s Up With That (WUWT) website, run by Antony Watts, found phony biometric data at the expedition's  website and began to question the claims that this data was being fed live. The very next day the BBC carried a story that several pieces of their equipment had malfunctioned much earlier as well due to the cold.One of the key pieces of equipment that failed is a radar device to measure ice thickness. The expedition seeks to show that arctic sea ice is getting thinner due to global warming. They are also making ice measurements by drilling through the ice.The expedition has been...(Read Full Post)