Some questions on the AF One overfly

Some questions on the AF One overfly Why would anyone suddenly want photos or video of Air Force One circling the Statue of Liberty?  The obvious answer that leaps to mind is a political/promotional effort, surrounding the televised special Mr. Obama has asked for time to air, in marking his first 100 days. If this is true. I bet that footage never gets used.Since the New York City area is Democrat-dominated, I can't help but wonder, "How many New York liberals got caught up in those events of yesterday?"I can't help but think that they were feeling pretty good about themselves... and confident enough in America's security that they voted for Barrack Obama... someone who clearly doesn't have much use for the military solution... or the military itself for that matter.  I can't help but wonder how many were having second thoughts, yesterday as they ran from those planes, in response to their survival instincts?  I wonder what Obama's approval...(Read Full Post)