President Obama: About those Windmills

The Obama administration needs to rethink its idea to build tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of windmills across the United States to provide “green” energy for America.Obama might want to talk (though not bow) to the Queen of England about how those windmill farms across the pond are working out. So far, not so good.The British is government is, you guessed it, bailing out the private companies that have invested heavily in  non-proven and inefficient wind power technology.Here is how the UK Times describes the situation:Britain’s wind energy industry increased its call for state aid yesterday, after new figures showed that investment in the sector has collapsed by nearly 80 per cent.The amount invested in British renewable energy schemes, including wind, solar and wave power, fell from £377 million during the first three months of last year to £79 million during the same period this year, according to figures from New Energy Finance, a...(Read Full Post)