Law Professor's Intifada

George Bisharat is a law professor at the University of California's Hastings Law School. Bisharat has been at the forefront of the efforts to implement an economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel.  Bisharat also is leading the charge to have Israelis charged with war crimes over the recent Gaza invasion. In yesterday’s New York Times, Bisharat got to repeat his charges in an article titled Israel on Trial.  In the piece, Bisharat uses the disputed accounts of atrocities by Israeli soldiers, which have been revealed to be based on rumors, to argue that Israel committed war crimes. Bisharat’s long history of anti-Israeli writings is exposed in a post at Legal Insurrection Blog by Professor William Jacobson of Cornell Law School.  Jacobson, who went to law school with Bisharat, recounts how Bisharat and other academics laid the foundation for legal challenges to Israel decades ago by positioning the Palestinians as an indigenous people...(Read Full Post)