'Why should Arabs be any less pragmatic than Jews?'

That is a question Roger Cohen of the New York Times rhetorically asks as he argues in an NYT's op-ed for recognition of, and negotiations with, Hezb'allah and Hamas, since this, in Mr. Cohen's view, will make them "pragmatic," which pragmatism will translate into their recognition of Israel, and acceptance of peace.  But Mr. Cohen's question is simply stupid. It is stupid not because it is rhetorical, but because it implies that Arabs, Hezb'allah and Hamas (and for that matter, the "moderate" Fatah) including, are somehow not pragmatic.Surprise, surprise, Mr. Cohen! They are indeed extremely pragmatic. What other than pragmatism caused the Arabs to agree to adopt the UN resolution 1701 which ended Hezb'allah-Israel war of 2006, despite the fact that it forbade importation of weaponry to Hezb'allah and the return of the abducted Israeli soldiers? Pragmatically, they chose to stop Israeli bombing in exchange for what they knew would be empty promises --...(Read Full Post)