While Nero Fiddled

With all the focus on bungled bailouts, ballooning deficits, corrupt or incompetent appointees, nationalization of private companies, the lack of promised administration transparency, verbal gaffes, and etiquette mishaps with foreign leaders, it's time to step back and consider all the things that President Obama  has successfully accomplished during his as yet brief presidency.For starters, a political gamble: he was courageously able to decide upon a Portuguese Water Dog for First Pet, risking the ire of AKC factions that vehemently support other breeds.  Even more impressive, he has been able to more than triple his bowling score, from 37 to 129, since arriving at the White House.  Doubtless this required hours of diligent practice at the White House bowling alley.  But how can someone concentrate on bowling with all the Congressional blathering coming from C-Span on the wall mounted TV?  The mute button. Our President has shown unparalleled leadership in...(Read Full Post)