Time to create an 'Obamaism of the day'

While some have valiantly narrowed down the oh so many gaffes of the Obama administration to the top ten, Jacob Weisberg, "chairman and editor-in-chief of the Slate Group," has remained frozen in time, wasting the past two months still documenting a "Bushism of the Day."
P-s-ss-t!  Weisberg, get over it!  Obama won!  It is a whole new changed and transparent world. Move on!  Catch up and write an Obamaism of the Day.  As you can see, you'll have a wonderful selection; the only problem is what to choose from such a vast array of choices. 

Here's a start:  Hiring--and trying to hire--tax cheats, berating private corporations who receive government funds for hiring highly paid entertainers while hiring the same entertainers for a government funded White House shindig, automatically reading from the omniscient TelePrompter thanking yourself...See how easy it can be? 
Go on Jacob, you can do it; Obamaisms (which can also include Bidenisms) are fun too!