Another formerly useful idiot

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News, who "would have voted for [Obama] twice if they'd let me" is showing signs of buyer's remorse. In a column whose headline tells the President to "forget the popularity contest," he writes:

... he's about to turn into President Twitter, telling all of us what he's doing in real time, from pickup basketball to fixing the bonus mess at AIG.

It is what happens when you are a pleaser. So far, President Obama sure seems to be one of those....

Sometimes, though, it seems the bubble is about to burst, and that he is about to become the first American President to suffer from overexposure before his first 100 days are up, that he is trying way too hard. Lately, he leaves the impression that he is on television more than Chris Matthews. Maybe his wife can be the one to tell him to dial it down a little, that he got the gig.

He is a brilliant communicator, even if his defenses of Tim Geithner start to sound like George Bush saying, "Heck of a job, Brownie," to bungling FEMA Director Michael Brown after Hurricane Katrina. He has brilliant language in him. I believe he is going to eventually be called a great President, even as he has inherited the worst economy since FDR and a much more dangerous world.

Lupica bashes conservatives in the column, so he has not changed his politics. He is still a liberal. But Obama's ego is beginning to annoy even a supporter, and it is only two months into his presidency.