The Cure for Global Warming Alarmists

Refuting Global Warming Alarmists can be tiring and repetitive, since most liberals don’t accept reason and logic as rejoinders against their emotional hysteria.  Indeed, there is often little reasoning with liberals, many of whom seem to be intellectually compromised and refuse to debate honestly and openly. Many even seem to burst into hysteria if their credos are questioned, or facts brought are to bear which clearly refute their theories.  We’ve all witnessed their conduct and spin around anything that resembles reality.  

Wouldn’t it be ironic if it were something in the water that affects them so?  

A person who had thought more on this topic than most is the late roguish comedian George Carlin. Carlin developed some very succinct methods of dealing with those who would not listen to reality.  In fact, he developed a very special message for those environmental alarmists and Global Warming advocates….a comedic dissertation on their arrogance and stupidity.  Suddenly it was no longer tiring or repetitive to engage with liberals.  It was actually a hoot!

The link below is from one his lasts performances -- a comedy sketch that  hits the nail on the head.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard our environmental alarmists ever ridiculed more honestly.  I applaud Carlin’s light-hearted attempt to bring the alarmist down to earth, while admonishing them about their insignificance.   (Please note, some of Carlin’s colorful language is on display herein.)   


George Carlin’s wonderful rantings are my answers to those who arrogantly don’t wish to listen.  These only deserve to be ridiculed.  Indeed, Carlin showed how their chosen foolishness provided us with some light-hearted entertainment and relief from their pathetic diatribe.  From a lemon, springs the lemonade!  Thank you, George.  You still keep us laughing!

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