Obama's Special Olympics gaffe - symposium

Thomas Lifson writes:

Straying too far from his teleprompter, Barack Obama committed another gaffe last night on Jay Leno's show, comparing his poor bowling skills to the Special Olympics, implicitly making fun of handicapped people. Even worse, earlier in the day he had been in the company of Maria Shriver, whose mother played an important role in starting the games for those with challenges.

Generally, I am inclined to cut a lot of slack for people who violate the canons of political correctness, and Obama certainly deserves this consideration. However, in light of the President's dependence on scripts fed to him on a teleprompter, and his supposed oratorical genius, the slip reinforces the conclusion that he is propped up and handled, and on his own is much less impressive.

Of course, had a Republican president made the same gaffe, the media would endlessly parade it as an example of meanness. However, given the media's slavish devotion to Obama, they will minimize the after effects of this glimpse into his heart.

The mask of niceness cultivated by Obama, his teleprompter, and his handlers, has once again slipped. Beneath the charming smile and the well-scripted remarks, is a man with a lot of anger and even more arrogance. We have 3 years and 10 months of his presidency ahead, and the without a doubt, the mask will slip many more times, despite the best efforts of his script writers.

Matthew May writes:

It's the first rule of comedy: There ain't nothin' funnier than the handicapped.

At least that is what the President of the United States thinks. So he betrayed on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno when he compared his bowling technique with the goings-on at the Special Olympics.

The White House sent out a typically puny statement talking about how much respect the President has for the Special Olympics and its participants. No doubt the President will perform some sort of penance by opening the next Special Olympiad accompanied by his entourage of screaming bobbysoxers and those not of the media. It would be nice if the president consented to getting his ass whipped on the lanes by one of the Special Olympians, but his gigantic ego could not take the hit.

Again we are implicitly ordered to forgive the earnest young man - of course the same accommodations would be afforded Republicans. He was just making offhanded remarks; you see, just like he did regarding Nancy Reagan and séances. And just like he did when he thought nobody was listening and mocked Pennsylvanians and Americans in general for their guns and Bibles, and just like he did when he made the ragingly bigoted statement about his own grandmother being a "typical white person." Oops, that was straight off the Teleprompter. Oh, and don't forget his need to horn in on the Super Bowl and comment upon Jessica Simpson's weight. There is seemingly no end to this man's insensitivity.

Couple the president's barbaric views on  infanticide with his Special Olympics "joke" and remind us again why Bush is the neo-Nazi? It is telling, no? Barack Obama uses retarded athletes as a throwaway line on a two-bit talk show just as he views certain human lives as mistakes that can and should be thrown away with impunity. Compare this mindset with Sarah Palin's address to the Special Olympians and her hopes for her own future Special Olympian. The contrast could not be more significant or revealing.

This adulation Barack Obama receives, his image as some sort of hip, cool guy is absolutely mystifying. His attempts at humor seldom clear the level of a gaggle of elementary school bullies. He throws out references to "American Idol" and the NCAA tournament and we are supposed to swoon and gush about how sweet it is to have such a suave, regular guy in the Oval Office. What a breath of fresh air after the dull, baseball-loving chimp! We are to encourage and abet the president's creepy addiction to the spotlight, an addiction from which he cannot seem to feed enough. There is nothing normal about a man who cannot go more than a week without climbing into his airplane to receive the adoring cheers of the crowd.

The truth is that Barack Obama is not cool or hip. Often he doesn't even seem very bright. He is unable to stand on his own two feet when asked a direct question. Even with his trusted Teleprompter he cannot avoid embarrassment, as the Prime Minister of Ireland  saw first-hand earlier this week. He gave the back of his hand to Great Britain with his stupid, ill-chosen gifts to their prime minister -- not to mention the abrupt ejection of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. He accompanies self-deprecation with insulting retarded children or former First Ladies.

Forget Barack Obama's futile attempts at becoming a decent president. The first few months of 2009 have revealed in full that he often falls well short of being a decent person. Those of us who saw through the façade so carefully crafted ask those of you who could not or would not: Are you now not embarrassed by this dilettante who cannot go two days without raining down shame and ridicule upon the presidency and our nation?

If your answer is the negative, you -- and he -- are truly shameless.

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