State Department to offer Palestinian Scholarships

Well this step should turbocharge Israel Apartheid weeks on college campuses across America: IT sounds like parody, but it's not: Secretary of State Hill ary Clinton last week an nounced a four-year program of US scholarships and "opportunity grants" for "disadvantaged young Palestinians" to attend universities. What next? Mortgage-refinancing seminars for Somali warlords? Universal health-care for at-risk children of homeless (caveless?) al Qaeda refugees? America may have voted last November for diplomacy over war, but Team Obama's taking this outreach thing a bit far. Clinton's scholarships come on the heels of her promise for a $900 million cash-bath for Gaza, that terrorist haven by the sea ruled by militant Hamas. OK, not all Palestinians are terrorists. But Israel's demise is a lot higher on many Palestinians' priority lists than truth-based secular education. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.The step to provide college grants to foreign...(Read Full Post)