NYT useful idiot update (updated further)

Roger Cohen, the New York Times columnist who carries on the paper's  tradition of shilling for tyrants, has received a telling honor from Iran's leaders -- the folks who have announced their intention to wipe Israel off the map, and are rapidly building nuclear bombs to achieve their goal): His column telling the world how swell the mullahs are has been reprinted in the Tehran Times. Meanwhile, back home in the USA fallout continues for Cohen. Jonathan Tobin of Commentary notes: His defense was that analogies between Iran and Nazi Germany are absurd and that the notion of Iran being run by a "mad mullah" is a caricature. He argues that the country is a functioning democracy which should not be demonized.Of course, no one said that Iran was the same thing as Nazi Germany, though if it acquires and uses a nuclear weapon on Israel as it has threatened to do, such analogies would cease being so far-fetched. But if anything is a caricature, it is Roger Cohen's...(Read Full Post)