Mc-Cain Feingold Like Gag for TARP Recipients?

Believe it or not, elements of the left are arguing for a gag rule on TARP funds recipients. And getting smacked down. Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher leads the charge against recipients of TARP funds being free to express their views on pending legislation, even if the speech is exercised by their market analysts. Tom Maguire, who can explain the free market better than almost anyone, takes her on with devastating analysis. Here's the set up, read through to the denouement of her preposterous argument:Free speech for TARP recipients?  Jane Hamsher thinks not.Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake surely considers herself a champion of civil liberties (and an ally of Big Labor).  However, her view of legitimate dissent and free speech seems oddly cramped - apparently, equity analysts in the employ of Citigroup should not be allowed to express opinions contrary to the views held by Ms. Hamsher.  Her attitude is mostly amusing, but depending on how influential these lefty blogs become or...(Read Full Post)