McCain Asks 'What Happened?'

According to CNSNews , "Sens. John McCain and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) are asking the Senate to appoint a special committee to investigate the causes of the nation's financial crisis."It turns out that "Last month, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) also called for a congressional investigation into what caused the financial bailout - and who in the corporate world should be held accountable."  (My emphasis.  What a relief to know he's come to no foregone conclusions.)Now I'm scared.  On March 1, I asked "How Did This Happen?" I said:"While we throw virgins into volcanoes and go into debt at a rate of about one trillion dollars every two months in frantic attempts to save ourselves, shouldn't we also try to figure out what's really going on? ... I don't think this is something we can analyze from home.  We need some real forensic accounting ..."Now I'm scared because both John McCain and Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) agree with...(Read Full Post)