He was a conservative?

The San Fransico Chronicle is reporting that SF school teachers are being urged to emulate Jimi Hendrix. James Taranto at the WSJ's best of the web reports that this  is causing a minor stir on the web with some mocking the seemingly insane liberal sensibility of this nation's great city by bay. Those fussing over Hendrix should know he was an avowed conservative. In arguably the most definitive biography of Hendrix, Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeek recount the words of  Hendrix as well other musicians on the scene in the late 60s that document conclusively his deeply held conservative beliefs. Oddly enough, the authors suggest that his self induced psychosis on LSD didn't even cause him to give up his conservative principles. In a 1967 interview with a Dutch magazine, Hendrix defended America's involvement in Vietnam commenting that if America bugged out of Vietnam they (the...(Read Full Post)