Get the Temple of Obama props out of storage

Beldar nails Obama far better than I can. (When I try, I sound like Ferris Bueller's sister, flabbergasted that her brother has once again hoodwinked everyone.):Obama has dispelled his mystical (and entirely unproven) aura of competence with breathtaking rapidity. I began my mental planning for this post by asking myself: "Self, of all the functions which the Constitution and our modern systems of government entrust to the POTUS, which ones do you still have even a modicum of confidence that Barack Obama is capable of performing? (As compared, say, to the modest but hopeful list which you, as a pretty skeptical conservative, would have constructed for him on his Inauguration Day?)"Yes, Obama has proved this week that he's capable of reading aloud from a teleprompter, without faltering, not only his own speech but even the speech intended for the Irish Prime Minister. And he's proved that his adoring media are still so much in the bag for him that they'll cover that up for...(Read Full Post)