Get ready to shake hands with Fidel

Lefties around the world are jumping for joy. It appears our president is so concerned that folks in Latin America don't very much like the US (when have they ever?) that he sees normalizing relations with Cuba as just the thing to get all those socialists in Latin America saying nice things about America.The Guardian: President Barack Obama is poised to offer an olive branch to Cuba in an effort to repair the US's tattered reputation in Latin America.The White House has moved to ease some travel and trade restrictions as a cautious first step towards better ties with Havana, raising hopes of an eventual lifting of the four-decade-old economic embargo. Several Bush-era controls are expected to be relaxed in the run-up to next month's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago to gild the president's regional debut and signal a new era of "Yankee" cooperation.The administration has moved to ease draconian travel controls and lift limits on cash remittances that...(Read Full Post)